Saturday, July 30, 2011

The nineteenth month, memories of a wonderful mission

One of the first memorable occasions was a visit by Elder Cook of the Twelve, the Presiding Bishop and their wives, this is a group of us being photographed after a good lunch and some words of inspiration.

A typical, traditional fale, (house), living quarters used by the local population.
Size is dependant on the size of the family and the income.

Black Sand Beach, the sand is comprised of naturally ground volcanic rock of which the Islands are formed. Not all of the islands beaches are black, some are radiant white formed from the coral reef that surround the islands.

Palm trees surround the coast, they wave to the breezes that come in off the sea. These are Coconut palms that seem to fruit abundantly year round. The sea is turquoise, warm and feels so soft to the touch, rather like being wrapped in a soft warm blanket.

The Islands have several
waterfalls each as
beautiful as the last


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