Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi everyone,
how are you all? We are fine but very busy with sick and new Missionaries but that's OK because time does go by quickly,as you can imagine we are beginning to count down the weeks now.
How was Mothers Day?
We had a nice Primary program and the young women made us all corsages,they simply pick the flowers from anywhere and tie them together with thread,they came and pinned them onto all the moms,it was so nice.
On the Friday evening we had a dance,of course when we got there at the appointed hour there was hardly anyone there,just a few kids and our friend who is responsible for the the Stake music equipment, playing so loud that we could hear it a mile away,I think that was the idea,because before long people started to arrive,Dad and I had to sit at the head table along with the Stake and ward leaders.Evey one was dressed in their finery I had put on my PoliTusi dress but Dad was in his white shirt (the only one) because this was a Fia Fia (party) Samoans really know how to enjoy themselves,Dad was the Belle of the ball,and so many ladies both old and young asked him to dance,it was great I have a photo of him dancing with our oldest member, 86 year old,Sis Laticia Hunt.
The food was typically Samoan,all plated up complete with a fish with eye and TEETH sitting on top..
Have a great day Love to all Mom and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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