Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday on the island

Another exciting week with birthdays, being new grand parents, and building more Fales for the locals. Sister Eves and mom shared birthday celebrations. We, Elder Eves and I took them out to a fish and chip dinner down on the front, so we watched the boats bobbing up and down while we ate.
Mom says the best birthday present was her new grandson Liam being safely born, She wishes she could have been there to help.

We spent all day Monday in the hospital, minding an Elder with a suspected appendectomy Saturday we were up at 3 Am to drive accross the island to build another fale and outhouses The Relief Society came along this time to plant a garden using machetes to cut away all the weeds and grass then dug up the ground to get the stuff planted, Pineapples, Tara Cabbages Palm trees coconut trees Lichees trees, Flowers, bushes and ferns then fenced it around with the rubber that was left over from making flip flops soles it was quite a sight. They served us Pancakes for breakfast with fresh green lemons to squeeze on them and cocoa Samoa which is freshly roasted cocoa beans, ground floating in hot water and sugar. It really is an acquired taste. After we had finished building and digging we were so hot and dirty we went to the beach on the way home to clean up and relax a little. The water was like silk and so clear, it was beautiful and of course we are suffering from sunburn. We looked like boiled lobsters at church on Sunday morning.


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