Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Call

It all started with a dream.....
when we have retired we would love to serve a mission for our church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, So it began, the planning, the saving, the preparing and anticipating .....The Doctors and dentist appointments, the shots and checkups, the visa applications and finally preparing to say our farewells to family and friends.

We enjoyed a wonderful family reunion/farewell
with family and friends, a weekend of new beginnings for many....
laughter and singing were heard all day and late into the night.....

> It truly was a wonderful weekend,
there was time for fun.....and contemplation

The food was delicious.......

.....cooked lovingly over the fire

There were a large array of activities, games and even crafts
for kids of all ages ....

We are grateful for the memories of this wonderful weekend and have no doubt
there were many smiling down on us from above!

The letter arrived, we drove to Ian and Adrienne's home, contacted the other children and opened the ever anticipated words........where are we living for the next eighteen months?

"Elder and Sister Kelly you have been called to serve in the.....Apia Samoa mission!".....Where?

Shouts from Nova Scotia to Arizona and back to London could be heard throughout the home... What a wonderful adventure we were about to begin.

Apia, Samoa Temple

Well let the games to Arizona and the MTC (Missionary training centre)in Utah! we will keep you posted on our upcoming adventures


The Heuristic Hall said...

How much fun!! I am so excited for you guys and even more excited that you have started this blogg!! I look forward to keeping up with you!

Dan said...

I just got a link to your blog and discovered you were on a mission. How wonderful. I've been too long out of touch.

I confess to being inappropiately envious of your ability to serve. You're so blessed. Best of luck.
Love, Dan Ward.

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